VCG Sports Makes Strides in Orlando With Visionary Sports Business Academy to Reach Youth

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    Orlando, FL — For most teens, the only path to success in sports that they are aware of is accomplished either on the field or on court. Many are unaware of the opportunites on the business side of sports that don't require your name to be on the roster.

    VCG Sports, founded in 2016, by Aaron Tyson provides career transition and business development services to athletes and coaches, as well as students interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry.

    To make a direct impact on students, VCG Sports created Visionary Sports Business Academy as its philanthropic arm to educate students on career opportunities in the sports indsutry, the importance of career readiness, and preparing for life after sports as a student-athlete. 

    "The idea of Visionary Sports Business Academy is to bring the sports industry and athletes to students in hopes of inspiring them to know that you can achieve success in sports without being an athlete", said VCG Sports Founder Aaron Tyson. 

    Through its partnership with the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida, Visionary Sports Business Academy kicked off with former Orlando Magic star Bo Outlaw. Bo shared his experiences as a professional athlete and the sacrifices he made at an early age to carve out his career as a professional athlete. More importantly, he shared the raw reality that the chances of becoming a professional athlete are minimal.

    According to the NCAA, the chances of playing basketball on the professional level is 0.9% for women and 1.2% for men. He proceeded to express the importance of education and exceeding in the classroom to create opportunities as a working professional. 

    This led to the next program led by DeAndra Brown, former collegiate athlete and Athlete Talent Attraction Coach at Nike. 



    DeAndra immediataley captured the attention of the students and held an engaging conversation that shared her experiences as an athlete, the importance of education, her current role at Nike, and following through with your career passion. 

    When asked about the importance of the progam DeAndra expressed that, "Having the opportunity through the partnership with VCG Sports and the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida for the career readiness clinic is not only critical to the youth, but vital to the future of our community. Educating youth on following passions and not paychecks, and leveraging strengths is a lesson that even adults can learn from. It's our obligation to serve the athlete, even the youngest ones."

    DeAndra Brown: @deandra_brown

    About VCG Sports

    VCG Sports focuses on providing high-quality career and business development services for athletes and coaches, as well as students interested in pursuing a career in the sports industry. We strive to highlight athletes achievements and involvement outside of their playing careers. We value the importance of personal interaction and take pride in building long-term relationships with the athletes we serve.

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