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    By Aaron Randolph 


    Minor League basketball player, Tyler Sickmeyer, has taken his creative talents from the basketball court to founding a full-service marketing and advertising agency. Sickmeyer is the founder and CEO of Fidelitas Development. Sickmeyer is a speaker, podcast host, and entrepreneur. He is also a board member for Live Ventures (NASDAQ: LIVE).]


    Sickmeyer grew up in Central Illinois three hours south of Chicago. He has been playing the game of basketball since the age of six years old. Tyler attended Illini Central high school where he received offers from some small colleges, but received more attention when he was invited to play for a team in Orlando, Florida. During his time playing in Florida, Sickmeyer played against Miami Heat forward Udonis Haslem. Sickmeyer leveraged that experience to the collegiate level and minor league levels to give him a competitive advantage. 


    Sickmeyer played college basketball for Lincoln Christian College but a broken foot derailed him his senior season. Even with Sickmeyer no longer having an opportunity to play in the NBA, he realigned his goals for what seemed more realistic. Sickmeyer played for multiple minor league basketball teams, including, the IBL’s Southern Illinois Truth, the IBA’s Kankakee Soldiers, and the ABA’s San Diego Surf. Tyler currently plays for the ABA’s San Diego Guardians.



    As Sickmeyer would continue to pursue his basketball goals, he began to make his mark in the business world. While in college, Sickmeyer was a Christian concert promoter. Sickmeyer was known for being the first concert promoter to use Facebook and text messaging to market and promote events around campus. His days as a concert promoter and the injury he encountered during his college basketball career would be a blessing in disguise. Sickmeyer left school early to pursue his professional business dreams. For the past 11 years, Sickmeyer has been running his marketing company Fidelitas Development. The company was founded by Tyler in 2008 and is located in downtown San Diego. Fidelitas Development focuses on building brand loyalty for its clients. Sickmeyer leads Fidelitas Development to enjoy loyal relationships with their clients. Fidelitas Development aims to provide great value with big results in marketing strategies and ROI measurements. Sickmeyer created Fidelitas Development while he was in undergrad and promoting parties as a side hustle. He developed relationships with a few guys that had a text message marketing Startup Company. Sickmeyer was the first concert promoter during that time to use text messages as a marketing strategy. He was also able to become the first college student to use Facebook for marketing concerts. At that time Facebook was only open to college students.


    That led to Sickmeyer being able to consult with various people and groups. Going on 11 years, Fidelitas Development is a marketing company with plenty of multimedia content.  Sickmeyer has created a podcast at Fidelitas Development. The Lion’s Share Marketing Podcast started as a marketing content experiment. Sickmeyer discussed what made him come up with the concept for his podcast.

    “The podcast started a little market experiment and I was mentioned by someone on Twitter that the Lion’s Share podcast is one of the top marketing podcasts on Spotify. I started to realize that the podcast has gained more traction. Once that happened we began to get more serious about it. Since then we’ve built a studio to create the podcast and more content.”


    Sickmeyer has brought some great thought leaders on during his podcasts. Some of those leaders represent brands from Puma and the Los Angeles Chargers. The podcast is available on Spotify, Apple, and other various podcast streaming platforms. He has made some major strides in his basketball and business careers. He’s been able to carry the lessons that he’s learned on the basketball court and translate those lessons to his everyday business and life.


    Sickmeyer offered some advice to athletes on how they should prepare once their career ends.


    “Whatever it is that you want to do or get into long term start building the foundation for that now. Don’t wait until you're recently retired from your sport of choice.”


    Tyler Sickmeyer’s marketing company has made strides in the marketing and advertising world that not too many other companies can say they’ve made. Sickmeyer offered his advice on how athletes should market and advertise themselves.


    “Own your assets. Grab your social media channel; build a presence and authentic following. Be willing to give your insight and advice. Don’t miss out on great opportunities because you didn’t lack the work but you lacked the confidence to pursue it”


    As for his plans, Sickmeyer plans to continue the amazing growth of his company. Sickmeyer also plans to keep creating more content for Fidelitas Development. He does have some ideas for some books in the future but nothing concrete in the works.


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