The Victory Truck in the DMV Area Made Sense for Chef Tobias After Transitioning Away From Professional Sports 

    Q&A with The Victory Truck Owner Chef Tobias


    1. Did you always want to be a chef growing up? Or was that something you fell into?

    My father owned a restaurant in DC, so I grew up in the kitchen watching him cook and helping him prepare food for his guests. I never really thought about my long term career, but I was always cooking in college and went to culinary school during my off seasons from the NFL and CFL. Being a chef made sense.

    2. What steered you towards a food truck? What was the inspiration behind the name?

    The Victory Truck lets me share my gift with my DMV family. I would post pics of the food I cooked for pro athlete clients and out of town events, and would get a lot of local love.  I needed to have a way to serve people face-to-face, at an affordable price so everyone could have the Victory experience. The truck allows me to do that.  Also, and probably most important, there are so many food deserts in the DMV area - my people don't have access to GOOD quality, affordable food. The Victory Truck is here to change that!

    3. What challenges have you faced being a former athlete and running your own business? What advice would you give other athletes looking to go the entrepreneur route? 

    I had to learn the business side of things. I hired a manager, and she takes care of all the branding, marketing and deals so all I have to do is cook and be me! Get a team of people you trust early on and life will be easier.

     4. What type of food is The Victory Truck best known for in D.C.? 

    We specialize in upscale comfort food. You won't be able to get food like what we serve anywhere else, especially not on a food truck. Our classic 5 cheese mac is always a sell out, and we've put the city on to our flash fried brussel sprouts. The Cilantro Lime New Zealand Lamb Chops and Deep Fried Lobster Tail are also big sellers.

    5. How do you see The Victory Truck growing in the next couple of years?

    I want to open a few more trucks and serve other cities.  I love cooking and want to share it with as many people as possible.


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    Angel says (Sep 15, 2018):

    This the truck from the BAFC festival with the BEST brussel sprouts I ever had in my ENTIRE life! They probably weren't vegan but I ate them anyway!

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