• LSU's Raigyne Louis named to Senior CLASS Award Top Thirty

    “Being recognized for this award is a blessing because of the hard work that I put in to become the player I am today. It’s truly a blessing.”

  • Savon Huggins Doing Whatever It Takes To Help Future NFL Athletes

    "It's a brand. It's a lifestyle. That lifestyle is why I am here today and I am able to articulate that and give back to the next because of my experiences."

  • Edniesha Curry Breaks Through Glass Ceiling: Named Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at University of Maine

    “Sometimes people see what you’re supposed to do before you do.”

  • Derrick Furlow, Jr. Mission To Help Athletes With Self- Help Books

    "I wanted to put something in place so now moving forward, athletes have a book they can read, a class they could take, or a course they could go to that will actually help them transition into life after sports."

  • Ja’Michael Edwards-Lott is Trailblazing his way to the NFL by Building his own Brand

    “I realized early on that I could make a name for myself and take advantage of my on-field opportunities and turn that into more off the field opportunities, I want to change the world with my abilities on the field, I want to be Ja’Michael the hall of fame football player who opened the door for thousands of kids.”

  • The Transition: Life Beyond the Sport

    By Aaron Tyson The transition from an elite athletic figure to one's life beyond sports can present its challenges. Many are welcomed into professional athletics with open arms and a traveling fan base that can be traced back as far as sixth-grade. The drafted players are instantly identified as icons and hometown heroes — or better yet celebrities in today’s digital world. Even those who are undrafted are celebrated, having reached a level of playing competition that only a small percentage…

  • Jeremy Stewart Looks to Succeed in the Business World with Wharton School MBA As He Did in the NFL

    Written by: Aaron Randolph Images: Jeremy Stewart Former NFL running back Jeremy Stewart has taken his talents from the football field to the classroom. Stewart played in the National Football League for four years and is now enrolled as a full-time graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business majoring in Finance. Jeremy Stewart exceeded in football at the high school, collegiate, and professional level. Stewart had been playing since he was eight years old.…

  • Darrell Walker Reenergizes Basketball Program at Clark Atlanta University Using NBA Experience 

    Clark Atlanta University Head Coach Darrell Walker against the Boston Celtics. Walker played with the New York Knicks from 1983-1986 Words: Craig Allen Brown Images: Darrell Walker | CAU Athletics Former NBA player and coach Darrell Walker is using his experiences and compassion to significantly alter the lives of student-athletes at Clark Atlanta University. His men’s basketball team is undergoing significant growth, in the classroom and on the hardwood. Darrell Walker excelled at basket…

  • WNBA Champion Yolanda Moore Changes the Culture at Clark Atlanta University

    Words: Craig Allen Brown Images: Yolanda Moore | Clark Atlanta University Athletics “I wanted them to believe differently about who they were and the value they have as people first, and as players second, and then to raise their level of expectation for themselves,” Yolanda Moore’s unorthodox ascent from a small, Southern town to WNBA champion was full of adversity. Now, as the head coach of Clark Atlanta University’s women’s basketball team, she is teaching her student-athletes that champ…

  • Grambling State University has Always Been Home to Former Houston Astro James Cooper 

    Words: Aaron Tyson Image: Grambling State University Athletics James Cooper’s initial commitment to Grambling State University began in 2000, where he would embark on the arduous journey of a student-athlete. Similar to the parade of accolades garnered by his then head coach ­­— American Baseball Coaches Association Hall of Famer, Wilbert Ellis—Cooper’s athletic ability as an outfielder awarded him All-Conference and All-SWAC honors during his career. Unbeknownst, that would not be the last …