Ja’Michael Edwards-Lott is Trailblazing his way to the NFL by Building his own Brand


    By Aaron Randolph


    “I realized early on that I could make a name for myself and take advantage of my on-field opportunities and turn that into more off the field opportunities, I want to change the world with my abilities on the field, I want to be Ja’Michael the hall of fame football player who opened the door for thousands of kids.”


    Former collegiate football player, Ja’Michael Edwards-Lott, is creating a unique path to pursue his dreams of playing professional football by creating his own brand. Through hard work and perseverance, Lott negotiated his own contract to play professional football in Finland for the Seinäjoki Crocodiles.


    Lott played college football at Nicholls State University after transferring from Grambling State University, where he suffered a season ending injury that ultimately led to him being released from the football team. While enrolled as a student-athlete at Nicholls State, he majored in Interdisciplinary Studies and managed to make the Dean’s List before graduating.  


    Surprisingly, Lott didn’t start playing football until the age of 13. During his high school years, despite the individuals around him who didn’t believe he had the athletic ability to play college football, he performed well enough to receive a scholarship to play for a Division 1 football program. Understanding early on that nothing was going to be given to him, Lott utilized every opportunity that was presented to him in order to market himself as a NFL prospect. In his junior year, when Lott was on the field, he recorded 20 tackles; including 12 solo tackles with one going for a loss. Although he didn’t receive much playing time during his senior year, that didn’t stop Ja’Michael from pursuing his dream to play professional football. After negotiating his own contract, he signed with the Seinäjoki Crocodiles in Finland to play this upcoming year in May. To prepare for this upcoming season, Ja’Michael has been working out at Dynamic Sports in Houston. He does warm-ups, high-intensity integral training, speed work and agility work that helps his on the field performance.



    Being an athlete carries its own magnitude. Lott doesn’t see himself as just an athlete but also an entrepreneur. Through his platform of football, he intends to create his own brand that will set himself up for opportunities on and off the football field.  Lott wants to create a brand that could provide an outlet for undrafted players that could play football in Europe and earn a contract with the National Football League.


    “I realized early on that I could make a name for myself and take advantage of my on-field opportunities and turn that into more off the field opportunities, I want to change the world with my abilities on the field, I want to be Ja’Michael the hall of fame football player who opened the door for thousands of kids.”


    There have been football players who play in Europe and the NFL. Dante Hall, David Akers, James Harrison, Kurt Warner, and Jake Delhomme. Lott wants to become the next great football story who went from playing professional football in Europe to the National Football League. As far as his life after football, he intends to go into sports broadcasting. Lott wants to become a football analyst like the various retired football players who appear on networks like ESPN, NBC, CBS and FOX.



    At the age of 23, Ja’Michael is creating a path that will be different from the normal path that most players take to become a professional football player. He is going to have a story that will stand out from other football players. He used the opportunities that were given to him no matter how big or small. Using his platform, he hopes to be an inspiration to thousands of people that want to chase their dreams of going pro or being an entrepreneur. Ja’Michael proves that working hard and putting God first can help anyone achieve any goal they set for themselves. He has also earned an endorsement deal with a men’s grooming company called Millen Heirs. 


    In the future, Lott wants to create homes for single parents and under privilege kids also become an advocate against gun violence.


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