From the Field to the Camera: Quentin Gause

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    By Jasmine-Kay Johnson, VCG Sports Communications


    Quentin Gause took a leap of faith in the eighth grade and joined his middle school’s journalism program in Rochester, New York. This somewhat random decision resulted in a position on the morning newscast for two years after. From the time he joined newscast, he realized that broadcast was the area of journalism he was most fond of. What came as a result of pure curiosity turned into something Gause could see himself taking on beyond school walls well into his adult life.


    This passion for sports broadcast was amplified by another developed early on in his childhood- football.


    Gause got his start in football at the age of eight playing for his uncle. Once he was on the team, his uncle made it known that their being related wasn’t going to be a factor in his participation. Gause even said that his uncle told him, “Quentin, you’re not going to be a captain on my team.” Gause took that comment and ran with it, working hard to prove to his uncle that he had the necessary skills to earn his spot as captain. It didn’t take long before he grabbed that spot, and four others later in life that put him in the spotlight.


    After graduating from Bishop Kearney High School, Gause made his way to Rutgers University. He was a Linebacker and a captain for the team. Sticking to his journalistic roots, he received a B.A. in Communications. Gause graduated from Rutgers in 2015 and since then has played for three NFL teams: the Philadelphia Eagles, New England Patriots and, most recently, the Denver Broncos.


    When the prospect of professional football is on the horizon, it isn’t uncommon for young athletes to get caught up in the glamour and status that comes along with it. In other words, it can be easy to put “Plan B” on the backburner. Like many kids who pick up sports at a young age, Gause too had the possibility of playing professionally on his mind. However, he made it a point to avoid relying solely on football. True, the NFL was a long-term goal of his, but it was everything that happened in between his youth and his professional football career that was most important to him.



    As Gause moves further into his broadcast career, he recognizes how sports has been a “wonderful teaching tool” for him. He also realizes that the transition hasn’t been an easy one, saying that while football can in some ways become a person’s identity, they can’t limit their identity to football alone. He wants people to know that there is a life off the field as well.


    Gause wants to continue improving his broadcast skills, such as better articulating himself and becoming more conversational. In the future, he hopes to run his own video production company, produce Netflix originals and work on documentaries.


    If he leaves people with nothing else, he hopes that young athletes will have backup plans in place, take on creating nonprofits based around their passions and simply support the youth.



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