Tyrell Zimmerman Launches Exclusive Book Club for Black Male Professional Athletes, Entertainers, & Influencers: “The Influencer Club”


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    Q & A with the founder of “The Influencer Club”, Tyrell Zimmerman


    Q: So, you started a book club?

    A: Yes, and not just any book club, but a purpose driven book club.

    Q: What influenced you to start a book club?

    A: I started this book club because I have come to realize through out my personal and professional life and career that people have just lost the desire to want to pick up a book and read. Or they may have a desire to read, but just do not have the time or their lifestyle and/or career may impact their ability to take time out and read. As I was processing this, I thought to myself, wow! I have so many close friends who are professional athletes, entertainers, and influencers, and with the way that their lives are currently structured, they don’t have the time to always pick up a book. But maybe if there was a way that I could kind of implement this into their lives it would help.

    Q: Why is the book club only for black male professional athletes, entertainers, & influencers?

    A: Truthfully! I really want my brothers to read. Reading is fundamental! In our Black Culture we glorify so many things. We promote so many things. We are proud of so many things. But sometimes we forget the basic things, like unlocking our minds, through the power of reading. So, I was moved to do something about this. Something to encourage my brothers to read. Especially my brothers who are in the NFL, NBA, MLB, and any other professional sport. And my brothers who are TV & movie stars, recording artist, media personalities, and radio personalities. You get my drift! I wanted to do something to empower my brothers, or better yet, something that would instantly allow each person to empower one another. “Iron sharpens Iron”. With this type of empowerment happening within the club, we can use our platform to inspire children to become more excited about reading. So, I would say that there is a purpose and a mission for the club.

    Q: What types of books will you be adding to the list? 

    A: Great question! We are going to be reading all types of books. What I am most excited about is that some of the members or influencers in our book club are best-selling authors, so we will have the opportunity to read some of their books as well. Which is kind of dope! I don’t want to give away all our club information just yet, but I am happy to say that one of the books that we will be reading is “JAY-Z: Made in America”, by Michael Eric Dyson, who is an influencer in our club. The forward for the book was given by music mogual Pharrell. 

    Q: Why did you refer to the members as influencers?

    A: Because this is “The Influencer Club”. Everyone in this club are considered influencers. They are considered influencers in their sport or in their industry. They were invited into the exclusive club, because we are all influencers. For an example, look at all the great work and influence that Van Jones of CNN is having across America with prison reform and many other things. He is an influencer and he is also in our exclusive book club. Cool name, right? “The Influencer Club”!

    Q: Can you tell us who is in “The Influencer Club”

    A: Yes and No! Right now, I can’t. Soon though! I have already leaked a few names. I will say that I am very proud of this diverse network of industry influencers. Ok, just one more name. I am thrilled that NBA Legend, The Human Highlight Real, VP of Basketball for the Atlanta Hawks, and so much more, Mr. Dominique Wilkins, is an influencer in our club.

    Q: Can you tell us more about yourself, the founder of “The Influencer Club”

    A: Sure! Among many things, I am an author. A celebrity children’s author. My book is titled, “Carter: My Dream, My Reality”. It is the first book of its kind. It speaks directly about urban violence & trauma, childhood PTSD, and mental health in the black community. I am former athlete, and I am currently known for the work that I am doing within the financial services industry as it relates to black athletes and entertainers.

    Q: What’s next for “The Influencer Club”

    A: Everyone should stay tuned for the latest news and updates regarding “The Influencer Club”. People can also follow me on social media for breaking news and information. My Instagram is @realhighup_ and the club is @theinfluencerclub_ or for any questions regarding “The Influencer Club”, people can email me at tyrell@tyrellzimmerman.com









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