Edniesha Curry Breaks Through Glass Ceiling: Named Assistant Men's Basketball Coach at University of Maine


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    By Jasmine-Kay Johnson, VCG Sports Communications


    As someone who never imagined becoming a coach, Edniesha Curry finds herself proud of where she currently is in her life. Curry was named the second assistant coach for the University of Maine men’s basketball team in March 2018, but officially started her position on April 1, 2018.  


    “I wasn’t even supposed to be here,” she said when asked about the recent milestone in her career. While some individuals feel that they are born to coach or realize later that it’s the career path they want to take, Curry was not one of these people. There was never a question about whether basketball was what she wanted to do; it has been her passion since she picked up a ball at 12 years old. However, coaching just wasn’t in the plan.


    Curry’s first experience in coaching came about when she was 25 years old. As a way to give back to the kids, she worked with an AAU Boys and Girls Club team with coach Michael Abraham. In her time working with Abraham, he told her that she was born to be a coach. One could imagine the sound of her scoff as she thought to herself, That’s the one thing I’m not doing.


    “Sometimes people see what you’re supposed to do before you do,” Curry said.  


    In her second week as the second assistant coach for Maine, Curry dedicated her time to recruiting six new players. From recruitment to practices, Curry has been nothing short of busy, saying that there “hasn’t been time to think about what my last month has been like.” What she does know, though, is that she is excited, grateful and blessed to have been presented with this opportunity.

    Outside of currently being the only woman to hold a full-time coaching position for a men’s NCAA Division I basketball team, the importance of Curry’s achievement is also significant because of who she works alongside. Curry and head coach of the University of Maine’s men’s basketball team, Richard Barron, have their own history working together on the University of Maine’s women’s basketball team.


    In March 2018, Barron told ESPN’s Cecelia Townes, "She is a gifted skill instructor and motivator and will bring tremendous energy to our program. Coach Eddie (her nickname) has an infectious personality and enthusiasm which I know will result in greater productivity with our players."


    Needless to say, Curry is happy that she will continue to work and grow with Barron. According to Curry, Barron has always been someone who has allowed her to be creative, to be completely herself. She said that she couldn’t imagine doing this without him.

    It is an attitude like Barron’s that Curry hopes to pass on, along with a reminder to “be selfless, be humble and be grateful.”  

    Only being roughly a month and a half into this new position, Curry can’t determine exactly what the future will hold, but she is willing to go wherever the journey takes her.


    “I just want to be the best Coach Eddie right where my feet are now,” she said.


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