Calvin Brock Punched his way to the top of the Business World as he did in the Boxing Ring


    By VCG Sports Communications Insider, Aaron Randolph


    The professional boxer turned entrepreneur understood at a young age that he would become both a professional boxer and businessman. Brock was raised in Charlotte, North Carolina but was born in Portsmouth,Virginia.


    Brock’s uncle brought him his first pair of boxing gloves for Christmas when he was eight years old. His boxing journey started at the age of 12 with the North Charlotte Boxing Club, which since then has been rebranded as the Charlotte Boxing Academy. During the early stages of his boxing career, Brock lost his first six boxing matches but still had faith he would still be successful in the ring. Through determination and perseverance Brock would turn his fortune around in the boxing ring and would start winning his bouts.


    Brock won his seventh boxing match and from there his dreams of becoming a professional boxer began coming to fruition. He would go on to collect various accolades throughout his boxing career and was placed in the Junior Olympics at the age of 15. While Brock attended West Charlotte High School, he tried out for the U.S Olympic team in 1992. Eight years later, he made the Olympic team in 2000 and competed in Australia. He would go on to win the National Golden Gloves Heavyweight Championship in 1998. In 1999, Brock won the United States Amateur Championship before going professional in 2001. He finished with 31 wins and two losses with 23 knockouts.



    One of his most notable fights came against Wladimir Klitschko in 2006. Brock lost to Klitschko in a world heavyweight championship match. Unfortunately, his professional career was cut short due to an injury he suffered to his right eye in 2007.


    As Brock spent his time honing his boxing skills, he knew that he wanted to pursue another passion of being an entrepreneur. He earned a scholarship to Northern Michigan University (Olympic Training Center) but the scholarship would not last due to funding. Brock enrolled in Central Piedmont Community College and later transferred to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he majored in finance.


    Brock discussed the difficult transition from being a professional boxer to entering the business world.


    “It was one of the hardest transitions to make for any athlete especially if the athlete gets cut off short in their career as I did. It’s difficult because all you know is your sport and you never think about doing anything else.”


    He worked for Bank of America as he trained for fights, as well as working as a commercial real estate broker for the Nicholas Company in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2014, with his skills and business acumen, Brock started Jack and Landlords. Jack and Landlords is a nationwide company that allows landlords to lease without a security deposit and still stay protected for the first month’s rent. It gets rid of security deposit disputes of escrow accounts and allows tenants to move in without needing to spend so much money upfront. Brock saw a need for the business as he was doing commercial real estate brokerage. Many deals fell through during the recession due to the lack of funding needed to cover the move-in costs. Brock credits his time in commercial real estate for providing him with the proper preparation needed to create his business.


    “It gave me the proper insight into the leasing business. It also gave me the perspective of both the landlords and tenants. It allowed me to create a pain point between a landlord and tenant and to make a mutually beneficial contract for both.”


    Brock offered his advice to former and current athletes after their careers are over.


    “Reading is a big help. Reading business journals and keeping up with what is going on in your city and networking with people.”


    Calvin Brock has made a great career in boxing and business. The same discipline and dedication that made him successful in the boxing ring also made him a success in the business realm.


    About Aaron Randolph, Contributing Sports Writer 

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